Black Creative Stars Reality TV Pitch Competition

The Black Creative Stars Reality TV Pitch Competition, the third tier is a Digital Global Talent Competition Show which will showcase young Afrocentric Artists and Creators who have participated in the internship/training.

BCS Reality TV Pitch Competition will showcase their creators on the National and Global scale, thereby empowering them to gain high level recognition, be offered new and continuing training, the chance of sponsorship and mentorship; and the potential to establish lifelong employment.

Promote & Celebrate The Strengths Of Young Black African Talents

Mediums that are watched by millions globally.


Black Creative Stars (BCS) UK is the British branch of the Black Creative Stars - an altruistic pioneering high-tech global digital enterprise, that has been set up to empower countless young artists & creatives who excel in the fields, digital entertainment and new media.

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BCS America

Black Creative Stars (BCS) USA is delighted to be starting to garner great support for its much-needed mission to help a young, underprivileged minority section of society.

BCS Africa

Black Creative Stars (BCS) Africa was named to exemplify the crucial importance of keeping young, gifted individuals who have Great Brains and Enormous Talents, in Africa.

Black Creative Stars Framework

On completion of the BCS internship/training, they will get to participate in the BCS Reality TV Pitch Competition. They will create contents and pitch using the studio and production facilities and present them for selection process by the judges and voting process by millions of viewers.

The TV Reality Show will be 100% free to participants.
Participants will be from different locations.

Criteria for Participating in Reality TV Pitch Competition

At the end of the Internship program, all participants are expected to create a project. These projects will be supervised by the mentors and instructors.
They are expected to submit the project as a pitch deck and sample to the BCS Team and Judges for assessment, selection, and voting process by millions of viewers.

Frequent Answers & Questions

The BCS Reality TV Show will be held in the UK, US and Africa. Date and Locations will be announced later through the ForeMedia App, website, and all Black Creative Stars social media platforms.

Only young people who participated in the internship programme can participate in the Reality TV Pitch Competition.

The BCS Reality Show will be LIVE streamed on the ForeTVHub LIVE page and the ForeTVHub App (App is available on Android and IOS app store)

All participants will be attached to a mentor.

The mentors will give them practical guides and insight into the innovation and creative industry.