ForeMedia Advertising Introduces Screen Ads

ForeMedia Advertising Introduces Screen Ads

ForeMedia Advertising, a global digital advertising platform, has added Screen Ads to its array of products to further expand the space for its clients’ products to reach their target customers across the world.

An arm of ForeMedia Group, an international media outfit with the main focus of helping black youths in all corners of the world to attain the fullness of their potentials, ForeMedia Advertising is reputed for having the greatest reach to Black communities globally.

With products such as Audio Ads, Video Ads, Podcast Ads, Display Ads and Sponsored Contents, ForeMedia Advertising had used its platform to support businesses and brands of all sizes, increased user engagement for business, and ensure its clients and products are visible wherever they are located in the planet.

The new product, according to the company’s management, promises to be a perfect solution to many challenges faced in the advertising world.

The solution comes with an extensive range of competitively priced cutting-edge services, including a compelling ‘one-stop solution for brands, agencies and advertisers. It also features prime location outdoor and indoor Digital Screen Ads which specifically targets Blackcommunities and public places with large Black crowds Aimed at hitting the global market, ForeMedia Advertising provides a great campaign with impact to reach clients’ audience on screens everywhere.

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