Capturing the Hearts of new fans of Afro-centric Digital Entertainment & Media

BTA UK's Sectors include Digital

Music, Movie and TV Production, Acting, Screenwriting, Video Gaming, TV Presenting, Podcasting and Publishing. Generating Positivity Via the High-Octane Mediums of Entertainment & New Media

BTA UK Drives Equal Opportunity by Promoting African Talents

Equality of opportunity is about ensuring everybody has an equal chance to take up opportunities, & also to make full use of the opportunities on offer & to fulfil their potential. Our mission is about providing a solution to the minority young Black Africans in the UK

Garnering a Wealth of Support for BTA UK

BTA UK, which is headquartered in London; and involves garnering the necessary support, sponsorship, and mentoring, for the benefit of both young British Black Africans, and young non-British Black Africans, who are resident in the UK.

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