Calling On All Mega-Talented UK Black Africans Who've Got Magical Star Quality, in the Field of Digital Entertainment & New Media.

BTA UK African Talent National Video Auditions/Competitions

Whether you're a professional or a super-keen amateur, you're cordially invited to be part of BTA UK – The unique 'Equality For All' initiative, which is geared to give budding UK African talents a fantastic opportunity to showcase their unique skills on National & Global TV in front of billions of people, thereby empowering them to gain high level recognition, be offered new & continuing training, the chance of sponsorship & mentorship; and the potential to establish lifelong employment, & in some cases, form their own companies, thus generating new job creation within the UK

What are the Criteria For Taking Part in BTA UK?

If you would like to be part of this incredibly exciting innovative program (brought to you by Brains & Talents Africa (BTA) - a subsidiary of the award-winning ForeMedia Group), you must be a British Black African, or a Black African UK resident. Further, you need to be between 16 to 30 years of age. Note, as BTA UK wants to give everyone a chance: there is no criterial in relation to 1. having to have formal training or education in your chosen field of digital entertainment and new media; or 2. having previous experience in or be working in your chosen field of digital entertainment and new media.

BTA UK Talent Applications 2021 – 2022

We are delighted to announce that the application process for the BTA UK talent auditions/competitions for 2021-2022, are now open to all innovative UK African talents aged 16 to 30, regardless of their backgrounds and education levels. - And the lucky winners will go on to have a star place in the televised BTA International Academy Awards Show – a prestigious event which will be filmed live in front of a panel of high-profile judges, in a popular auditorium in the UK. Further, due to its broad range of entertainment and media categories, this high-octane event is set to rival the Hollywood Oscars, and the global audience is anticipated to be in the billions...

Weekly National Competitions Via Online Virtual Auditions

Due to the ongoing threat of COVID-19, and the potential risk of transmission, BTA UK has been advised to only conduct virtual Auditions/Competitions via online viewing of the videos that participants across the UK upload to the BTA online platforms.

The video acts should be 5 minutes in length (and not run over this specified amount of time). Talents will have their online video performances judged by BTA UK's producers and team of professional experts.

We very much hope that this online auditioning procedure will change by the end of 2022, or early 2023, so that when it is safe to do so, the Auditions/Competitions will be conducted in local theatres and other suitable venues throughout the UK, in front of a live audience and panel of distinguished celebrity judges.


If you have an exceptional talent in Music, Acting, Singing, Producing Movies or TV Shows, Video Gaming Development, Art, Journalism or Literature, then we want to see you in action!

Note: in order to protect talents' rights, all participants are advised to copyright any unique work, (for example, songs) that they will use, prior to their video audition, which should last for a set time of 5 minutes. (Copyrights protect intellectual or creative work, principally protecting the rights of individuals who create artistic, musical, dramatic, literary, and certain other intellectual works).

The Second Round

Also known as the "First Straw," the second round of video auditions (which are presided over by well-known judges, are held the year following the first video audition (normally during the months of January and February).

Winners' Prizes

The substantial prizes which will be announced at a later stage, will be provided by leading global corporations, organisations, and venture capitalists, that support the ForeMedia Groups' and BTA's honourable ethos. These will include first-class training in a top, globally recognised establishment, in the winner's chosen area of entertainment or media; mega endorsements; a substantial investment in the victor's brand to help empower him/her to be a global success; high -level management by the ForeMedia Group, and beneficial ambassadorial deal.

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