During the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, and our own health and safety precautions, which may go on until the latter part of 2022, you will be asked to send in a 5 minute Virtual Audition Video via email, to the BTA UK website. Then, once it has been reviewed by the producers and BTA UK’s team of experts; and there are confirmed dates for the Weekly Auditions/Competition Shows (either virtual or live), you will receive a notification.

You should receive an official notification regarding getting a star place on the BTA UK Academy Awards Show, shortly after you have be named the winner of your region’s final round of the BTA UK Auditions/Competitions Shows (in the specific entertainment or media category you entered, e.g., singing).

Yes you will! The BTA UK producers and the BTA UK team will keep in regular touch with you throughout the period from: the time you first enter the BTA UK Weekly Auditions/Competition Shows, to the time you win your local region’s final BTA UK TV Auditions/Competitions, through to the grand day of the BTA UK Academy Awards Show. – That way, you will be able to prepare for these incredibly empowering opportunities to showcase your unique talents in front of a UK and global audience, which is anticipated to be in the billions.

When the COVID-19 restrictions (and any potential health and safety risk factors related to the pandemic), are no longer viable, the BTA UK TV Weekly Auditions/Competition Shows will be held in theatres and other suitable venues, in major cities across the UK. These will be easily accessible for both the talents, the judges, and the live audience.

The name and location of the venue, which will be a very well known, large auditorium in the UK, will be announced at a later date on: the BTA App, the BTA UK website, and all BTA’s social media sites. Moreover, the BTA UK team will advise you on this location, plus all the other relevant details, such as the show date, and attendance and performance times; as well as exactly how long your performance time slot will be, as soon as they become available. – That way, you can refine your performance, to ensure that you make use of every second to showcase all your awesome, unique star qualities!

In regard to these arrangements, the BTA UK team will be in touch with you, long before 1. The live BTA UK TV Weekly Auditions/Competition Shows (at theatres and other venues); and 2. The big day of the live BTA UK Academy Awards Show.

If you are just playing a guitar, or using rattles, for example; then you will be able to bring them with you to the theatre/other venue, or auditorium, on the day of the event. If however, your instruments are large, or you would like to use the theatre’s/other venue’s, or auditorium’s piano, etc., then these matters will all be discussed and planned with the BTA UK’s Musical Department when they take you through the preparation process.

If your performance on BTA UK TV’s Live Weekly Auditions/Competition Shows, or the BTA UK’s Academy Awards Show, is set to include props, then you must notify the BTA UK team, by sending images of what you would like to use, along with the props’ weight and dimensions. Then, if you get the go-ahead, the BTA UK team will liaise with you in regard to whether the props can be delivered to the auditorium. Note: please do not use any oversized, or potentially dangerous props, as they could present a health and safety concern. Moreover, even with large props, there are a number of logistics such as back stage space, which will need to be taken into consideration. To that end, try to keep your props lightweight, and not too large!

Once you have received an official confirmation that you can take part in the BTA UK TV Weekly Auditions/Competition Shows, or the BTA UK Academy Awards Show, the BTA UK Music Department will be in touch with you to discuss the music you will be using, and whether or not you have made any alterations to the original tracks. This is an extremely important element in the procedure, because as your performance will be shown on live television all over the world, various mandatory legal requirements relating to copyright, must be met and cleared, well before the date of the events. This procedure will be conducted by the BTA UK Music Department, which will need to know all the details pertaining to the music and song/s you will be using, as well as backups that you would chose if your original choice of song/s and music is not possible (something that could happen due to various legal technicalities).


Note: whether you are using, or not using, a backing track (due to performing the song yourself on a guitar or piano; in both instances, you must inform the BTA UK Music Department. Then, as soon as your music and song/s have been authorised, the BTA Music Coordinator will contact you with regard to the song edits, and if necessary, they may email you a copy of your personalised music track.

As previously mentioned, the BTA UK Music Department must be notified if you have modified the lyrics of a song which is someone else’s copyright. Further, if you have made modifications, then all lyrics should be appropriate for family viewing.

BTA UK recommends that you use a maximum of two tracks. – This is because a medley or mix of songs can make it difficult for the BTA UK Musical Department to get clearance for global television.

You are requested to arrive “camera ready” at the theatre/other venue or auditorium. – So this means that right from the get-go, you should be dressed to impress in your full costume/outfit (which should be comfortable, and flexible enough for moving/dancing across the stage). Further, your hair and make-up needs to be just right! You should also have a high quality recording of your approved music (in case you have the opportunity to rehearse); as well as whatever props you will use on the stage. You are also advised to have a bag with you that contains a large bottle of water, and easy to consume food in throw-away containers, with the necessary cutlery. The bag could also be used for carrying a spare pair of shoes that could be used if your performance shoes are uncomfortable during the waiting period. You should also pack your make-up kit (just in case you need to make any touch-ups); some cleansing wipes, and anything else that you think would be useful.

Your recording should be downloaded on to a tablet, smartphone, or any other device, which can be plugged in by through an auxiliary cord. However, due to potential internet connectivity issues, it should not be streamed on your device via the internet. – To that end, if you do have the opportunity to rehearse, you will have your music with you. And it will also serve as a back-up for the BTA UK Musical Tech Team.

While it is difficult to give a precise wait time, you should expect to be in the waiting area for many hours. – This is the normal procedure with such a large scale TV production. But you can be sure that the BTA UK crew will help to keep you as comfortable as possible! And you can always pack a magazine or book, to keep you going!

Following the policies of other TV production companies, BTA hereby notifies all participants that it cannot be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property that you decide to bring to the BTA UK TV Weekly Auditions/Competition Shows, or the BTA Academy Awards Show. To that end, it is important to only bring your essentials (none of which should be high value), and to always keep your items with you. When you go on stage to give your performance, you will be able to leave your mobile with one of the BTA UK Team. However, due to various restrictions, they will not be able to look after anything else.

Yes, you do! – Once you have been officially informed that you are able to compete in the BTA UK TV Weekly Auditions/Competition Shows, or the BTA Academy Awards Show, the BTA UK Team will ask you to email in images of your costume/outfit. These images should clearly show the full front, back, and side views of you, and what you are wearing. Further, they should include any head wraps, head-ties, head adornments, and hats, etc.

No, it is against BTA UK regulations to wear, or use any instruments or props with a logo, design, company name, or person’s name (whether the latter are alive or dead), on them. Furthermore, no ads for websites, hashtags, or social media handles, should be shown. Moreover, there should not be any writing or images which could be deemed offensive.

If for example, you have a company logo or name on an instrument or a prop, then it can be concealed. Of note, as you will need to send in images of your proposed costume/outfit and props, to the BTA Team for approval, anything which you may have mistakenly overlooked, will be pointed out.


No, unfortunately this is not possible due to various restrictions and legalities. However, we do hope that they will be rooting for you in the auditorium audience. – And if that is not possible, then via the BTA UK live TV broadcast, which will be shown all over the world.

Yes! – There are many points that you should consider. – These include: being original; standing out from the crowd; projecting your unique personality; exuding mega confidence; keeping a hundred percent of the audience’s attention; incorporating the fun factor into every minute; oozing enthusiasm; and working the entire stage in the most optimum way, by considering the thousands of spectators in the audience, and the billions of viewers tuning in from around the world!

If you are singing, only pick musical pieces that really accentuate your vocal talents, and show the audience just how super special you really are! And if you are dancing, make it unique and turbo-charged, keeping your choreography spot on, with a few high points or tricks, to rev up the Celebrity Judges’ and Audience judges’ voting meter! Further, whatever entertainment or media talent you are demonstrating, highlight your personality with your costume or outfit. – The sky’s the limit on the BTA UK TV Weekly Auditions/Competition Shows, and the BTA Academy Awards Show, so get creative!


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