“Every judge will make their own choices when they nominate their best-loved contestants in the Brains & Talents Africa (BTA UK) Auditions/Competitions. They will be looking for exceptional young African talents who ooze dynamite magnetism & deliver the most high-voltage, entertaining, innovative & fun performances of the day. - And when it comes to the scores, the placements that they give will be down to their all-encompassing experience & success in their respective fields of digital entertainment & new media”

Give Your Best Performance by Considering the Questions the Judges Often Ask Themselves


Are the participants believable in their roles? Do they give off an air of confidence? Are they acting naturally? Are they telling an interesting “story” to BTA UK's billion-plus audience? Or are they simply reciting lines which they've memorised off pat?

Vocal Ability & Diction

How well can the talents sing and speak? “Are they hitting the right notes? Can you understand them? Do they project themselves and speak clearly, or do they mumble? Do their sentences drop off at the end? Do they have a repetitive voice pattern?


Regardless of using a microphone, when it comes to projection and volume, do the talents project their voice? And if there's an ensemble, can the participants' voices be distinguished, or are they being drowned out by a band or orchestra? Further, putting the spotlight on pitch and intonation, are the singers in tune? Do their notes waver, or are they strong? And in the spheres of style and tone, do the contestants generate a uniform sound? Moreover, if the song is supposed to be brassy and bold, are they going against this wave by delivering an airy light tone? In addition to this, is the music continuously in unison? And if the act involves sections of choreography, can the audience still hear the music and vocals, or are they being stamped out?

Dancing Ability

Are the contestants super-confident, and are they “carrying” themselves correctly? Are they making full use of the stage or other dedicated area? And how is their floor craft - are they navigating around the area in the most effective way? Do they make use of fabulous combinations of slow and sharp leg, arm and hand movements? Do they keep their heads held high, and do they connect with the audience whenever they face the front? Are they swift and light on their feet? And if they are taking on the role of a particular character, do they have a good sense of who they should be? - Have they done their research? Are they portraying that character to the max with their body movements? Further, if there is more than one dancer, do they understand how to execute blocking techniques and movements, such as countering? Moreover: “do they know to how to move so as to not upstage a fellow participant in the group, or conversely, to be upstaged by another talent? Do they use the entire stage, or do they awkwardly try to move to the centre to deliver their song, or lines?

Overall Choreographic Execution

How in sync is the talent or group? Are they confident with their choreography, and fully engaged with the audience? Is it clear and defined? What is their level of energy like? Do they project a high-octane aura? Are they smiling and exuding fun and happiness with every cell in their being? Are the participants making full use of their surroundings, and using the space that they have, to their best advantage? Are they using any props that can make their act more entertaining? Is their style of dancing appropriate for the type of music they are using? And if there is more than one contestant, is there a good consistency between dancers, or are one or more of them noticeably less together? - In other words, should they have had more practice? Further, if at any point in the act, one or more of the talents are in the background, are they still actively involved in the action?

Overall Check List

Do the talents have a good sense of character? Are they dressed to impress? And do they know how to move across the stage/floor, in order to accentuate the dialogue? How is their energy and pacing? Is there a natural flow to the dialogue? And do the participants react within the lines? How is their voice projection, and do the talents' words come out loud and clear? And what about the way they speak? - Are they simply talking in their normal voice, or are they taking on the voice of a special character? How is their delivery of different sentences? And what about their concentration – do they focus on the other players in the act who they are talking with? Or do they seem distracted? And when it comes to two or more talents, how is their interaction? Are they working well together in order to keep the scene seamless and rolling?

Execution of the Act

Does the talent/s delivery have cohesiveness, high energy, and a good flow?


Do the participants act in a confident manner? Do they tell the audience a story? Or do they behave as though no one is watching? Do they recite to the audience, or do they interact together?


Do the contestants sing to time, and are they in tune? What is their choice of music like? - Would they have been better off choosing a different piece of music? Are the harmonies balanced and present?


Are the dances innovative? Are they well-rehearsed? Are they presented in a clean, tight fashion? Is the choreography too rudimentary or boring? Or is the choreography challenging, yet clear-cut?

Performing to the Audience

Whether you are performing on a video that you have recorded for a BTA UK Virtual Audition/Competition (in place of a live performance due to COVID-19); or if you are giving a live TV performance on the coveted annual 'BTA UK in front of billions of people from the UK and around the globe, - the rudiments of a first-class delivery are the same! And remember that you always need to present your act as though you are in front of a massive live audience, magnetising every single viewer towards you. Moreover, that you should use up the space around you to your best advantage - whether you are singing, dancing, playing an instrument or doing a comedy routine, as this will be sure to arouse the audience, and even get them up and moving to the beat...

“Brains & Talents Africa (BTA) is currently in the process of nominating a super-exciting panel of globally renowned seasoned judges. – Top names and leading experts who are highly prominent in the skyrocketing industries of digital entertainment & media. - All of whom will be perfect & grading, advising & encouraging new & emerging sub-Saharan talents”

Furthermore, the esteemed judges will make personal decisions with regard to nominating their favourite contestants for the most enjoyable, creative and entertaining performances. Their marking will be a result of their extensive experience and success in their respective fields. :

BTA Fairness Policy

This policy states that judges should be fair to each and every contestant. The way in which the contestants are judged should always encapsulate fair, clear and consistent criteria. And while in most cases, judgments will be subjective, they should nonetheless, be well founded and stand up to scrutiny and criteria.

Judging Methods

All BTA judging panels are designed to ensure that those on the panel display the necessary judgement range and expertise - all of which should be free of conflict of interest. Prior to taking part, the judges submit confirmation in writing to the ForeMedia Group, that 1: They have no conflict of interest; and 2: That they do not have any close commercial or personal connections to any of the contestants.

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