Displaying African Talents to the wonderful dynamic continent of Africa, the worldwide African diaspora, & to all other enthusiasts of Afro-centric entertainment & mediA

What do I have to do to qualify?

To have this golden opportunity.

The BTA Academy Awards, will open a whole new spectrum of Academy Awards by offering an extremely impressive range of six different categories - Film & Video, Music & Dance, Podcasts, Video Games, Publishing & Journalism, & Arts & Culture – so if you have exceptional talent, then the world wants to see you in action.

Fabulous Prizes For the BTA Academy Awards Winners

These must-have prizes which will be publicised at a later stage on the BTA App, website, and social media outlets, will be provided by the top global corporations, organisations, and venture capitalists, which endorse the ForeMedia Groups' and BTA's altruistic ethos. These prizes, which will be given to the winners and runners-up in all six entertainment and media categories, will incorporate various benefits. These comprise mentoring by a famous expert; high level training in a globally renowned establishment (either in Africa or overseas); substantial endorsements; a sizeable investment in the talent's brand - something which can empower him/her to be a worldwide success; advantageous ambassadorial deals; and top-grade management undertaken by the ForeMedia Group.

Be Ready for the Judges Taking a Personal Interest

Be sure to be up to speed to answer any questions that the BTA Academy Awards judges are likely to ask you. These could pertain to your media or entertainment experience and history – (if you are just naturally gifted, and self-taught, then you can give them the low-down on what got started, etc.); your aims and ambitions; and the type of media or entertainment career that you have always dreamed of.