This category describes entrepreneurs who are liable for overseeing the financial and business decisions relating to a digital movie or made-for-television digital show or production.

Genres and sub-genres of African and worldwide music include, but are not limited to:
soukous; afrobeat; highlife; ozzidi; fuji; juju; jaija; mbalax; zilin gnawa; mbaqanga; chimurenga; ubongo; dance; blues; country; classical; drill; drum & base (AKA jungle); easy listening; and EDM (electronic dance music).

Individual’s singers (who in the case of jazz and popular music) are referred to as vocalists; perform music (songs, recitatives, arias, and so on), which can be sung with, or without musical accompaniment. While it must be said that everyone's vocal range is unique to their voice, the majority fall under six common voice categories. These comprise soprano; mezzo-soprano; alto; tenor; baritone, and bass.

This is an activity through which a story is relayed to an audience via its enactment by actors who take on the roles and personalities of certain characters.

Various genres of African and worldwide dance styles incorporate, but are not limited to: shaku shaku; odi; gwara gwara; rosalina; pilolo; malwedhe/Idibala; wakanda; stepping, stick; bologo; boge; kompa; kizomba; vosho; tap; swing; waltz; foxtrot; tango; quickstep; salsa; mambo; bossa nova; rumba; bachata; samba; cha cha; jive; ballet; contemporary; hip hop; jazz; disco/electronic; street, fusion; bogo lelo dance, interpretive; ecstatic; free; ceremonial; historical dance; novelty and fad; social and folk.

This refers to the refined art and craftsmanship of writing scripts for various elements of mass media, including TV shows and productions, movies, and video games. To that end, screenwriters wield an enormous power over the emotional impact and creative direction of both the screenplay and completed movie.

Video game designers develop user-friendly games that can be played on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, handheld consoles, and home consoles. The designers are involved with the creative elements of a game's development. They frequently brainstorm to generate thrilling plots. Moreover, they produce unique and exciting game concepts, state-of-the-art photorealistic graphics, and awesome simulated reality. They put their ideas on flowcharts, build code, and finally, test their products for efficiency.
Conversely, video game producers oversee a game's complete development cycle. To that end, they must deal more with the logistics of the product's production, and as such, make sure that all departments adhere to their deadlines, and ultimately deliver a top-quality product.

This form of presenting involves acting as the public face of television by hosting a range of television programs that incorporate a large spectrum of subjects from news to entertainment, to documentaries, to historical events, and beyond. The essential qualities of a first-class television presenter necessitate being quick off the mark, having excellent communication skills, acting as a fair and balanced interviewer, having the ability to link segments and hold the show together; and being versatile enough to follow a difficult script. - And in the case of the latter, should the need arise, being ready to improvise, and carry it off without the audience seeing any disruption.

Being a podcast producer means being a creative genius who acts as both a technical director and an administrator. He/she will also need to supervise the production of all the episodes, and come up with unique innovative concepts for the podcasts. To that end, they must possess an excellent knowledge of episode ideas and podcasts. Moreover, they will need to conduct research on various campaigns and strategies that are vital to guarantee the success of a podcast. Further, it also means dealing with a number of responsibilities including general management and successful launching of the podcast; recording the episodes and carrying out any edits; as well as other types of behind-the-scenes interactions such as sourcing out, and meeting the influencers or celebrity guests who are going to be interviewed. And in the case of the latter, putting them at ease, and ensuring that they share their experiences and expertise, and answer all the interesting questions that you have prepared for them.

Having success in this career which entails investigating and reporting on a broad range of subjects including breaking news stories, and current events; as well as writing features and articles that educate and influence the general population, means following the four pillars of good journalism. These comprise transparency, fairness, accuracy, and thoroughness. Further, being able to collect high quality information from the appropriate sources and present the news in a balanced and honest fashion, is essential.

This describes the activity of generating a broad spectrum of content, software, music, literature, information, and so on, to make it available to the public. In turn, they will either pay for it, or receive it without paying due to the incorporation of ads, etc. Now, due to the surge in digital information systems, e-publishing is skyrocketing, and this field is clearly the future.

In Africa, many classes of technology are experiencing rapid growth, & as is tech talent. In fact, the continent is seriously benefiting from a transformative impact because of technology. And therefore Brains & Talents Afrika to Brains & Talents Afrika, West Africa (BTA West Africa) has created a unique opportunity for sub-Saharan youths to showcase their special talents on its Weekly Live Reality Talent Show. The participants will be able to choose from a broad spectrum of exciting categories in cutting-edge digital entertainment & media – categories which are predicted to skyrocket as this century progresses.