BTA West Africa, African Talent Auditions/Competitions TV Show - Apply Now!

BTA West Africa Talent Applications 2021 – 2022

We are delighted to announce that the application process for the BTA West Africa Talent Auditions/Competitions for 2021-2022, are now open to innovative talents aged 16 to 35, regardless of their backgrounds and education levels.

If you have exceptional talent in Music, Acting, Singing, Producing Movies or TV Shows, Video Gaming Development, Art, Journalism or Literature, then we want to see you in action!

Note: to protect their rights, all participants' ideas will be trademarked prior to their demo, which should last for 5 minutes.

Making an Application & Eligibility for the First Round of Auditions

Each participant who would like to enter the first round of auditions (the open auditions), must first submit an application which contains the relevant information about who is performing. This includes whether the participant is a single person, a pair or trio of performers, or a small, or large group. In addition to personal details about age, hometown, and educational and work background; the experience the participant has gained thus far in their chosen talent, and the nature of the act that will be performed, should also be listed.

The contestant's eligibility is determined by the information that they submit for double-checking. – This information is required in accordance with the program's Terms and Conditions. Once an application is approved, the participant will then be asked to conduct a performance during an open audition close to where they reside (or where they can reach), whereupon if successful, they will be allocated a place in the second round of auditions.

BTA West Africa Top Objectives include:

Winners' Prizes

The substantial prizes which will be announced at a later stage, will be provided by leading global corporations, organisations, and venture capitalists, that support the ForeMedia Groups' and BTA West Africa's honourable ethos. These will include first-class training in a top, globally recognised establishment, in the winner's chosen area of entertainment or media; mega endorsements; a substantial investment in the victor's brand to help empower him/her to be a global success; high -level management by the ForeMedia Group, and beneficial ambassadorial deals.