“All BTA West Africa contestants will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Moreover, the judges will always work to be as inclusive as possible”

“Brains & Talents Afrika, West Africa (BTA West Africa) is currently in the process of nominating a super-exciting panel of globally renowned seasoned judges. – Top names and leading experts who are highly prominent in the skyrocketing industries of digital entertainment & media. - All of whom will be perfect & grading, advising & encouraging new & emerging sub-Saharan talents”

Furthermore, the esteemed judges will make personal decisions with regard to nominating their favourite contestants for the most enjoyable, creative and entertaining performances. Their marking will be a result of their extensive experience and success in their respective fields.

BTA West Africa Fairness Policy

This policy states that judges should be fair to each and every contestant. The way in which the contestants are judged should always encapsulate fair, clear and consistent criteria. And while in most cases, judgments will be subjective, they should nonetheless, be well founded and stand up to scrutiny and criteria.

Judging Methods

All BTA West Africa judging panels are designed to ensure that those on the panel display the necessary judgement range and expertise - all of which should be free of conflict of interest. Prior to taking part, the judges submit confirmation in writing to the ForeMedia Group, that 1: They have no conflict of interest; and 2: That they do not have any close commercial or personal connections to any of the contestants.