Be a BTA West Africa Judge in Your Own Home With the Ultimate 'BTA West Africa App'

BTA West Africa Audition & Competition TV Show

Audience Voting

The mega exciting must-see BTA West Africa (Brains & Talents Afrika, West Africa) Audition/Competition Show, is a fantastic auditioning/competing event which is brought to you by the award-winning international ForeMedia Group. Showcasing the absolute best of young sub-Saharan talents who are vying in the various categories of cutting-edge entertainment and new media, namely: Film & Video, Music & Podcasts, Video Games, Publishing, Journalism, and Arts & Culture; it will be televised every week to billions of viewers across three continents: Africa (54 countries), Europe (44 countries) and the Americas (35 countries). And the lucky finalists being given a chance to compete for the Creator's Academy Awards. Moreover, the best part is that you, the audience, can play a major role in the whole scheme of things, by voting up your favourites...

As the highly innovative and spirited young BTA West Africa contestants wow the famous judges to bag as many points as possible for their high-octane drive and presentation, viewers from across the world can also play a role in the winners' outcome. They can have some mega-fun of their own, by giving their personal selections and rankings, some of which may not be the same as the esteemed judges!

With many of the winners expected to become renowned talents, artists and household names, viewers will also get the opportunity to learn more about their favourites' backgrounds and their frequently challenging pathway to success. These interesting stories can be found either on the website, the must-have BTA West Africa App, or via social media.

Be a BTA West Africa Judge in Your Own Home With the Ultimate 'BTA West Africa App'

“While you are watching the Brains & Talents Afrika, West Africa live audition/competition show, your BTA West Africa App will be continually updated with must-see polls, clips, and links to social media. You can interact with hearts, likes, the BTA West Africa buzzer emoji & more”.

This super-fun BTA West Africa App not only makes voting a blast, it offers an unsurpassed digital experience which will also give you: live feed highlights, nomination highlights, and polls and voting & results, anytime, anywhere. You can also scroll through the BTA West Africa newsfeed to check out the latest news about your top acts and their supporting crew and extras. And if you would like to know which judge is the most like you, you can try your hand at our awesome personality quizzes. And you can even check out how clued up you are on the contestants and judges by interacting with our BTA West Africa brain teasers.

The BTA West Africa App will shortly be available on Android through the Google Play Store; or iOS via the Apple App Store