At ForeMedia, we all have a shared responsibility to do business in ways that respect, protect and benefit our customers, employees, communities, suppliers and environment. This informs our principle of business and support for Our People, Our Markets, and Our World.

Our Approach

ForeMedia businesses are designed to conform with the principle of United Nations Global Compact that encourages businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and to report on their implementation. ForeMedia is dedicated to upholding the Trust Principles and to preserving its independence and integrity.

Our People

We believe our strength as a business is derived from the talents, ideas and experiences of our people. We champion an inclusive culture and strive to attract and develop a diverse talented workforce where all employees are valued regardless of difference, have access to the resources and opportunities to reach their full potential, and we invest more into the new generation workforce.

Our Nonprofit

ForeMedia emerged from a non-profit organization, Forerunners Africa, therefore our aim is not only making profit as a business but making profit with social impact. We run programmes that create progressive change and make Africa a better place for everyone and continue with our investment in the next generation.

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