About Us

The revolution in the Entertainment and Media (E&M) is an advantage to industry in many ways, but let the Africans struggling to meet up in the area of promoting its content to the world. This is because the African content currently produced and distributed by terrestrial and new media agencies could not match the demands and international standards in the advancement in digital, technology and distribution

While the rapid changes in user behaviour, and business models, have created a gap between how consumers want to experience and pay for entertainment and media and how companies produce and distribute their offerings.

ForeMedia Creators is a community of content providers working together with ForeMedia.  ForeMedia is an online platform for entertainment and new media dedicated to Global Africans Audience. ForeMedia redefines content, distribution, user experience, and online advertising with socially driven publishing latest technology.

Since 2015, ForeMedia and parent company, ForeMedia Group PLC headquartered in London, has been a technology driving new media and entertainment power house focuses on African and African in Diaspora targeting over 500 million audiences.

Here at ForeMedia, we’ve taken that commitment and dedication a step further.  We’re closely connected with community of artists, digital creators, movies producer and media professionals to build, share and promote content to a mostly targeted audience around the world.

Our Creators Studio supports creators and artists fine-tune their skills to get the most exposure and reward possible from their work.  Using powerful experience and analytics, we teach creators how to monetize and develop quality content to maximize theirs potential.

At ForeMedia, our efforts on building businesses and brands anchored by active, higher value communities of fans, who are united by shared passions, values, and interests; and capitalizing on the emerging technologies that delight users in new ways, deliver superior user experiences and enhance productivity.

We are an ethical business that demonstrates respect for our founders, investors, employees, and customers, operating with FairShares principles; creating and sustaining networks of solidarity community that share wealth and power among all stakeholders.

Winning in today’s Entertainment and Media environment requires working with company that understand new media world and monetization strategy; us thrive in the industry is based on our business model that engage, grow and monetize of our valuable customers – i.e. we combine excellent content with depth of distribution putting together in the most innovative ways for good user experience and good price strategy.