Foremedia Group is a multi-cultural company that encompasses so many traditions, values, ethics, and lifestyles in delivering and distributing African narratives. We take into cognizance all the cultural races & traditions. Our target audiences include; Africans all around the world, Africans in the Diaspora, as well as millions of other non-African descendant in the world, thus bridging the gap between diverse cultures, and providing a medium to relate with our African Cultural Heritage.

While involving and bridging the gap between diverse cultures it brings about a sense of belonging thus creating value and meeting the needs of our audiences from various cultural facets. In addition, both young and old viewers from diverse cultures would attain a level of customer satisfaction as our content reflects diversity.

Just like the saying goes “there is unity in diversity” Foremedia Group Plc aims at reaching these audiences by partnering with technology/digital companies for distribution and re-distribution of our content on their platforms via various technological advancementsWe also encourage cultural affair by promoting cultural destinations, art & culture of different tribes & races, histories, and most importantly creating an anonymous feedback mechanism.