Romay Cupido is an Award-Winning, Best-Selling Author, Producer, International Speaker, and Entrepreneur with her UpComing life-story book, and her life-story movie at the realm of Hollywood Executive Producer Brad Luff.

Originally from South Africa, she has a passion for the development and growth of young Africans in the Diaspora and Sub-Sahara Africa. She sponsored a book to raise finance for ForeMedia, ForeMedia Talent, as part of her strategy to give. ForeMedia Talent is to advance and support the people and the communities.

Live your best life on Purpose – more fulfilling, with passion, and feeling complete within yourself to Love and Inspire others to Rise above it all.
Romay is an Award-Winning Best-Selling Author®, wife, mother, entrepreneur, and an acclaimed author of 9 books. Her writing is based on life experiences – an author whose mission is to help other women lead more passionate lives. She travelled the world and gained phenomenal cultural interest that led to her amazing zest for life and her powerful confidence ever present. Her philosophy is to learn everything you can and to always achieve good things for yourself and better things you can share.
Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, prolific author Romay has spent her adulthood living and growing as a person while in Europe. She came to realize her dream and put the value to what was most important in life – her family.

Her vision is to “Inspire Dreams” while she personally reaches to achieve higher goals. Romay constantly seeks new creative challenges and accolades with her books.
Even though she had always been accused of being a dreamer, it is her focus and confidence that is admirable. She passionately thrives on living life with profound reality.