ForeMedia Group Corporate Message

ForeMedia Group is a pioneer in bringing best-in-class Afro-centric entertainment to audiences worldwide.

In 2017, ForeMedia Group started the journey as an ethical, altruistic, award-winning international EM&M (Entertainment, Media & Marketplace) company, which puts our consumers, employees, founders, and most importantly the investors in the driving seat. We do this by involving them in all that we do, listening to their feedback and suggestions.

We specialise in the ever-evolving marketplace of cutting-edge Afro-centric entertainment, new media, & innovative services & products, & are extremely proud of our world-leading state-of-the-art EM&M ecosystem.

To make this happen, we act as a catalyst for creative talent from vibrant African communities all over the world. We provide a wealth of outstanding products & services & offer a valuable library of premium content; production & distribution services; premium global TV; exclusive Video Streaming; Content Marketing; Classified Ads, & innovative Educational Programs for Young African Talents to help them into a lifelong career. To that end, we serve as an umbrella company for a spectrum of Afro-centric subsidiaries within the sphere of EM&M.

The ForeMedia Group & its subsidiaries provide world-class global stages & platforms with a potential audience in the billions. This generates a massive win-win for our audience, consumers, shareholders and investors, talents, founders & employees. Moreover, it is engineered to significantly skyrocket corporate reach & sales; boost share value; make innovative talents a global name & help them gain worthwhile employment; create more opportunities for our employees; & generate more jobs, while simultaneously fulfilling the company's ethos of helping to: “Bring equality to the lives of young Black Africans who have not had the advantages of others.”

The Global Data suggested that Afrocentric entertainment and media content enjoys 5% rapid annual growth in the global market, thus making it the world’s fastest-growing media and entertainment market in years to come. It represents an additional $10 billion in yearly revenue to the media and entertainment industry. Of note, Black consumers around the globe spend $6.2 trillion annually, thereby making them a valuable trend-setting audience with considerable buying power.

I am incredibly proud of our achievements of the company since inception and deeply thankful to our business leaders and professionals for their enterprising spirit and their dedication to our company values. As we continue to build our business in the future, I am confident we will emerge stronger than before. Together, we take pride in building a global, digital ecosystem company that will continue to grow from strength to strength.

Hareter Oralusi

CEO, ForeMedia Group Plc.