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ForeMedia Adopts FairShares Principal


ForeMedia Group Plc, headquarters United Kingdom had announced the commencement of Trading on the 4th June, 2019. This was stated after the Group boarding meeting on Thursday the 23th of May, 2019.

The company is said to issue 2 million ordinary shares at 2 dollars 50 cents US Dollars equivalent to 2.00 British Pounds per unit Share.

ForeMedia Group Plc has also provided a mouthwatering opportunity to individuals, organization, companies, enterprise and others, who are ready to buy shares from ForeMedia.

The company brings a double bottom line opportunity, thereby providing and creating access for those who buy shares to impact in their society at large.

The Double Bottom Line Opportunity is set to accomplish positive social change and financial sustainability. It creates ways for your shares to contribute back to a social cause, save resources, or contribute to an effort you care about that betters society in some way.

The possibilities are endless from poverty alleviation to affordable housing to natural resource conservation to building needed infrastructure in a city or state.

The Double Bottom Line Opportunity funds create measurable economic, environmental and social returns, in the forms of jobs and wealth creation, community development.

ForeMedia Group Plc, through ForeMedia Shares, is creating a way for individuals, organizations, companies, enterprise and others to give back to their society.

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