about us

ForeMedia Nigeria is a member of ForeMedia Group Plc, United Kingdom, the African, International media, entertainment and broadcasting company driven with the latest Technology. We are telling true stories of Africa and projecting the values of Africa to the World.

We develop, produce and distribute high-quality African contents to our global audience on relevant subjects that are connected to their interest. We are providing rich content ranging from entertainment & movies, digital & creative media, news, events, advertising & promotion via digital and modern technology platforms.

At ForeMedia, we all have a shared responsibility to do business in ways that respect, protect and benefit our customers, employees, communities, suppliers and investors. This informs our principle of business and support for Our People, Our Markets, and Our World.


As an African, International new media company tasked with the responsibility of creating and distributing African content and telling the African narrative the way it is to millions of people across the globe.
We are developing specialized digital and technological platforms for distribution of our content and partnering the world leading technological companies like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google, etc. for distribution and re-distribution of our content on their platforms.
Taking advantage of the power of news media and the already established precedence of the current technological advancement evident in our world today, we are able to broker mutual partnerships that will enable us achieve of dreams of not only telling accurate African narratives through high-quality content production, but also reaching people from different divides across the world.


At ForeMedia, we created 360o marketing programmes by integrating videos, editorial, digital, mobile and events into one package for our advertisers.
We are proud to have large audience in Nigeria, Africa and other continent through our multiple media platforms and global presence as we continue to increase our audience share globally with daily introduction of interesting programmes.