Brains & Talents Show Competition on Global TV

Brains and Talents by ForeMedia is a Digital Global Talent Competition Show that has been set up to empower many young Afrocentric Artists and Creators.
This programme gives the opportunity to showcase their stills on the National and Global scale, thereby empowering them to gain high level recognition, be offered new & continuing training, the chance of sponsorship & mentorship; and the potential to establish lifelong employment.

Promote & Celebrate The Strengths Of Young Black African Talents

Mediums that are watched by millions globally.

Brains & Talents UK

Brains and Talents UK is the British branch of Brains & Talents - an altruistic pioneering high-tech global digital enterprise, that has been set up to empower countless young artists & creatives who excel in the fields, digital entertainment and new media.

Brains & Talents America

Brains and Talents USA is delighted to be starting to garner great support for its much-needed mission to help a young, underprivileged minority section of society.

Brains & Talents Africa

Brains & Talents Africa was named to exemplify the crucial importance of keeping young, gifted individuals who have Great Brains and Enormous Talents, in Africa.

Brains and Talents’ Sectors Include Digital

Brains & Talent’s Sectors Include Digital Music, Movie, TV Production, Acting, Screenwriting, Video Gaming, TV Presenting, Podcasting and Publishing. Generating Positivity Via the High-Octane Mediums of Entertainment & New Media

National Video Auditions & Competitions

Whether you're a professional or a super-keen amateur, you're cordially invited to be part of BTA UK – The unique 'Equality for All' initiative...

What are the Criteria for Taking Part in Brains & Talents?

If you would like to be part of this incredibly exciting innovative program (brought to you by Brains & Talents - a subsidiary of the award-winning ForeMedia Group), your origin must be from Africa. Further, you need to be between 16 to 40 years of age.

Frequent Answers & Questions

Black Creative Stars is a Corporate Social Responsibility Project by ForeMedia Group Plc.

The participants will learn about innovative education, production skill, entrepreneurship, and mentorship. To learn, create, distribute, and monetize in Media, Film & TV, Games Design, Music Performance & Production, Arts & Design, Journalism, and Arts.

This programme is for one-two years.

Registration details will be available on the website soon.

The participant will be required to pay annual programme fees to cover the cost through sponsorship from the public and private sectors. However, terms and conditions apply.

We identify young people interested in participating in the programme through street networks, NGOs and Social Services around the location.

The Black Creative stars will start in February 2022.

This programme is for young people between the age of 16-24 years.

Yes, it is currently available across London Borough.

No, this programme is open to as many interested participants as possible.