ForeMedia Group in partnership with Media & Entertainment Department at the London School of Social Enterprise run a series of free virtual workshops to help creators with the proper technical, business and creative skills they need to work in the broadcast and digital media industry, enhance their productivity and boost their content income strategy.

We believe it’s crucial to help creators connect their core skills in a truly practical and entrepreneurial way in an inspirational environment. Our aim is to develop over 10,000 talented young people to grow their ideas.

We know that Africans have huge potential to grow capacity in the media and entertainment sector. The revolution in the Entertainment and Media (E&M) is an advantage to industry in many ways, but Africans are struggling to meet up in the area of promoting their content to the world. This is because the African content currently produced and distributed by terrestrial and new media agencies can not match the demands and international standards in the advancement in digital distribution.

The rapid changes in user behaviour, and business models have created a gap between how consumers want to experience and pay for entertainment and media and how companies produce and distribute their offerings.