Why ForeMedia?

  1. ForeMedia is in partnerships with the global big brands in new media, entertainment and Technology companies.
  2. ForeMedia and parent company, ForeMedia Group PLC is located at the heart of global financial Centre, London, United Kingdom.
  3. A global technology platform for a complete trend – centric type of entertainment, media, and advertising.
  4. One-stop-shop and market leader for a large and valuable library of content and distribution for Africans and Friends.
  5. Ethical business that creates opportunities for the next generation of African stars in the creative industry in Africa and Diaspora. 
  6. The most advanced network-aware, social media-aware system for publishing content and franchises that covers different sectors.
  7. Award-winning Initiative, ForeMedia received UK State Aid through Business Growth Programme from London and Partners funded by the European Union and Mayor of London.