We want our platform to become an attractive, safe and peaceful space for a community that shares our values.

Inappropriate Content

We have put in place a system to identify inappropriate content and enforce these Guidelines. If we find that your content breaches our Community Guidelines we will send you a warning. If this happens again, you will receive a strike. If after the warning:

  1. you get one strike; you won’t be able to post anything for one week;
  2. you get two strikes, you won’t be able to post anything for two weeks; and
  3. you get three strikes; we will close down your account.

Note that serious violations may lead to other repercussions.

[Strikes that you receive are permanent and cannot be removed.] [OR] [Where you have received strikes we may remove one strike every [6] months of no violations of the Guidelines from your side.]

If you receive a strike, please review the reason for it and make sure you don’t behave in the same or similar way again. If you think that the content you have posted does not violate the Community Guidelines, you can appeal our decision. Please contact us where this is the case. We will review our decision and issue a final decision, taking into account these Guidelines, our principles, and the context of your content.

Note that we have legal responsibilities for content published on ForeMedia. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove content that we regard inappropriate, illegal or in breach of these Guidelines.

Age-Restricted Content

Sometimes, we may find that content doesn’t violate these Guidelines and our principles, but may not be appropriate for all audiences, so we may place an age restriction on the content. Some factors that affect this are:

  1. Inappropriate and vulgar language;
  2. Violence and disturbing imagery;
  3. Nudity and sexually suggestive content; and
  4. Portrayal of harmful or dangerous activities.

Age-restricted content isn’t eligible for monetisation and isn’t made accessible by users under 18 years of age. If you believe that your content has been age-restricted by mistake, please contact us.