Copy Right

As you know, creators spend significant amount of effort, creativity and time in producing original content in return for their exclusive right to decide how this content will be used. We request that you (as a creator using ForeMedia) respect this and only upload content if:

  1. you have created that content yourself, or
  2. you have obtained an authorisation from the author of such content and can show that you have this authorisation when we ask for it.

Whilst we want to make entertaining content available to as many viewers as possible, we are committed to observing copyright laws and regulations. As such we will take appropriate action if we find out that content you’ve posted violates some else’s copyright.

We operate a mechanism to track and trace copyright violations. This means that if you upload some else’s content without their proper consent and that person believes that you have violated their copyright, they may submit a copyright claim. We will investigate this claim and if successful, you will receive a strike. If you get one strike, you won’t be able to post anything for one week; if you get two strikes, you won’t be able to post anything for two weeks; and if you get three strikes, we will close down your account. Please refer to our guidelines on Inappropriate Content for more information.

However, we are also here to protect your copyright. If you believe that another ForeMedia user or channel violates your copyright (that is, they use your original content without your consent), you may contact us and submit a copyright complaint. We will investigate your complaint and decide whether or not we issue any strikes.

If in doubt, please contact us.