About Us

The revolution in the Entertainment and Media (E&M) is an advantage to industry in many ways, but let the Africans struggling to meet up in the area of promoting its content to the world. This is because the African content currently produced and distributed by terrestrial and new media agencies could not match the demands and international standards in the advancement in digital, technology and distribution

How it Works

How we work is very simple, if you’re a content creator with an emphasis on African content for local and international audience, sign up and become a member of ForeMedia Creators Community and start sharing your artistic skill and monetize those efforts all at the same time. We will provide technical and financial assistance to support your passion for creating innovative, entertaining and inspiring content.

Our Brand

We are happy for you to publicly refer to ForeMedia as well as make express references to ForeMedia in the content you publish.

Monetisation Opportunities

ForeMedia is a global platform providing access to content to millions of users all around the world. We support popular creators and creators of content that is widely sought after. As such, we offer you an opportunity to earn money through our monetisation programme.