How it Works

How we work is very simple, if you’re a content creator with an emphasis on African content for local and international audience, sign up and become a member of ForeMedia Creators Community and start sharing your artistic skill and monetize those efforts all at the same time. We will provide technical and financial assistance to support your passion for creating innovative, entertaining and inspiring content.

Our Process

  1. Sign up to become a member of ForeMedia Creators Community
  2. Upload your content on ForeMedia Creator’s platform, your content can be video, audio, image or article. Our focused areas of content distribution include; movies and entertainment, news, arts & culture, celebrity, sports, kids & family, music, business, exclusives content.
  3. Your content will be analysis and you will be advised by the Creators Studio on your next step. The is purely a technical part focuses on quality of your content.
  4. If the content meets minimum standards, your content will be share on ForeMedia and also share with international new media, social and entertainment global partners for exposure.
  5. We will develop your monetisation plan and implementation strategy