Our Brand

We are happy for you to publicly refer to ForeMedia as well as make express references to ForeMedia in the content you publish.

Please note that we have invested significant amount of resources in building our reputation, including the goodwill in our logo, website, online appearance and other intellectual property. We want to maintain this goodwill.

To avoid dilution of our brand we ask that you do not use our trademarks, logos, designs, images, snippets of our website or any other intellectual property without our prior written authorisation.


You are welcome to use our logo, images and snippets of our website to the extent detailed below:

  1. Always use the logo on a plain white background.
  2. Always use the logo in the same proportions as displayed on our website.
  3. When using our logo, do not change or tamper with any of its elements, including the colours, fonts, dimensions, or images.
  4. When you intend to use other images published by us, please obtain our prior written permission. We may have used that image with someone else’s permission, but they have not agreed for us to share this image onwards.
  5. When you publish snippets (or screenshots) of our website, always include full reference to the website and the date when the snippet has been taken.
  6. If you wish to use our intellectual property in any other way, please obtain our prior written permission to do so.

    If you would like to use our brand or intellectual property in any other way and believe you have a good reason to do so, please contact us.