ForeMedia Launches Live TV, Afrika Talent Show, Awards

ForeMedia Launches Live TV, Afrika Talent Show, Awards

  • Firm Named Among London’s Best Creative Agency Companies

The desire to access real-time African contents across the world has come to reality with the launch of Live TV by ForeMedia, an African Global Creative Media and Entertainment company pioneering digital live streaming of African events.

The announcement coincides with the organisation’s recognition among London’s Best Creative Agency Companies to work and buy from by the Best Startup UK as a mission-driven innovative organisation, set to improve the domestic and worldwide market for afro-driven content creation and distribution.

Founder and Chief Executive of the London-based organisation, Hareter Oralusi disclosed that Live TV gives significant degree of control over users’ preferred content in a virtual experience designed to offer the platform that supports excellent video and sound thereby making live streaming of TV show, documentary, and series quicker and simpler.

“With this new feature, content can reach anyone in the world distantly through live streaming, as users are not at any point restricted by geological or size imperatives. From Live TV, users will discover more than they wish for. Live TV is the brilliant answer anywhere, any time. It is innovatively strong, profoundly viable with all gadgets and operating systems, a solid accomplice in meeting your entertainment needs,” Oralusi noted.

Attesting to the top-notch technology, Bart Jaworski, a Senior Product Manager with Microsoft described the Live TV feature as a plus to the many successes ForeMedia have enjoyed in the last few years.

On his part, Timi Suara, Head of Business Operations said Live TV feature is “customarily needed as a method of widening the extent of our activities globally while additional staying faithful to our obligation of the limitless accessibility of Afrocentric content for all with only a single click.”

In addition to offering services, the media giant has also unveiled the Brains & Talents Afrika; an TV African Talents Show Competition created for live broadcast on ForeTVHub each week across fifty-four African nations, 44 in Europe and 35 nations in the Americas where winners are expected to become eminent personalities, specialists and easily recognized global names.

Also, in a bid to discover and reward talents and excellence, ForeMedia is also establishing the BTA Academy Awards through which it intends to discover, recognize, and reward exceptional African Creators and Artists on annual basis.

“BTA Academy Award is anticipated to be a computerized and social wonder that will routinely collect diverse perspectives across all advanced TV and video stages. This will bring about various well-known social transmission arrangement that will have a charitable drive to help sub-Saharan African gifts and conceivably make a great many positions in the sub-Saharan countries.

“The ForeMedia Group’s CEO, Hareter B. Oralusi, Co-founder; Otega Owumi, their broad supervisory group, and partners all around the globe, are largely assuming a urgent part in the objective to make sub-Saharan Africa a significant part in the world of digital entertainment and media. This will grow the economy, level up the way of life, and offer endless dismissed youth the opportunity to appreciate a worthwhile profession.

“At the point when the BTA Academy Awards are communicated across the world, a particularly significant fact will be featured and anybody with passion, drive, and determination, paying little mind to their background can make it in film and video; music and podcasts; video games, publishing, journalism, arts and Culture. In addition, the enormous watchers will hence be shown the sublime significance and greatness that will emerge from this initiative,” Oralusi disclosed.

Users can experience Live TV by visiting Existing users only need to provide log-in details to access its free contents while new users can sign up by providing email and password details to onboard in less than 2 minutes.

ForeMedia Group is the first digital ecosystem for creative individuals in Sub-saharan Africa that provides afro-centric content and media to individuals all over the continent by focusing on entertainment and new media for products and services which include content production, distribution, marketing, video streaming and advertising.

Established in 2017, The ForeMedia Group Plc aims to support sustainable creative initiatives so that creative Africans can learn, produce, distribute, and monetize their work. 

ForeMedia also creates a perfect new media and entertainment platform for young talented creators and small and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) to export and create a global market for commercially viable afro-centric content by leveraging on emerging technologies to delight both the creators and users.

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