ForeMedia Group

African contents and traditions have always been essential to the world and it is now at the forefront of Entertainment and Multimedia.

Who We Are

ForeMedia Group PLC is an Afrocentric, international company specializing in entertainment, new media, and marketplace services and products, which include content production, distribution and marketing, video streaming, and advertising.

ForeMedia Group is a mission-driven entrepreneurial entity to improve the domestic and international market for afro-centric content production and distribution. We create a perfect new media and entertainment platform for young talented creators and small and medium–sized enterprises (SMEs) to export and create a global market for commercially viable afro-centric content.

ForeMedia Group leverages on emerging technologies that delight both the creators and users in new ways. We create high-value global communities of artists, digital creators, movie producers, game developers, authors, and media professionals. ForeMedia Group PLC is headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

One-stop-shop and market leader for a large and valuable library of content, production and distribution