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Afrocentric entertainment and media content is the world’s fastest- growing market in years to come. It enjoys 5% rapid annual growth in the global market with an additional $10 billion in...

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ForeMedia Group is widely considered a pioneer in bringing quality Afro-centric entertainment to audiences worldwide. Being creative is in the mindset of an African descendant. You can see it. You can hear it, and you can feel it. In filmed and video content, music, and Afrocentric storytelling. Rich one-of-a-kind stories, told by inspiring individuals to distinguish audiences around the world.

ForeMedia Group is a catalyst and natural extension to the creative talent of African descendants and beyond. We build a digital ecosystem for talents to learn, create, distribute, and monetise across the entire digital entertainment landscape to give African creatives a voice on a global stage.


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The all in one platform for film, video content, sounds, books and african storytelling.

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The ForeMedia Group serves an umbrella company for a spectrum of Afro-centric subsidiaries within the sphere of Entertainment and Multimedia.


The ForeTVHub is a popular all-in -one Afrocentric media online platform, which is geared to entertain its users in a non-conventional and more beneficial way.


The ForeMedia Creators is an exciting drive to support and engage the innovative young African creatives who work with the ForeMedia Group.


ForeMedia Studios is dedicated to producing innovative, top quality, authentic African stories, as well as exciting coverage of corporate events


ForeMedia Advertising comprises cutting-edge comprehensive intelligent advertising solutions, that can grow your business effectively and profitably.

Black Creative Stars

Black Creative Stars aims to address young black people's challenges with interest and passion for creativity.

BCS Reality TV Pitch Competition

The Black Creative Stars Reality TV Pitch Competition Global Talent Competition Show which will showcase young Afrocentric Artists and Creators who have participated in the internship.


The ForeMedia Group’s business model is straight forward and simple - it aligns the goals of our highly experienced founders, with those of our investors.

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BCS Academy Awards

The Black Creative Stars Academy Awards has been placed on the list of high-profile events to showcase African talented crteators in the field of Entertainment and Media.

Our Store

The inventory includes a broad range of first-class Books, Music, Documentaries, Movies, Paintings, Sculptures, and Fibre Art.
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Our Latest Story

Feb 7, 2022

ForeMedia Advertising, a global digital advertising platform, has added Screen Ads to its array of products to further expand the space for its clients’ products to reach their target customers across the world.....