Press Release: ForeMedia Group to Partner with Black Creators around the World

Press Release: ForeMedia Group to Partner with Black Creators around the World

[London, United Kingdom]— ForeMedia Group is pleased to announce a call for partnership between the organization and Black Creators from everywhere across the world. The partnership will be executed through ForeMedia Creator, a brand that we have tailored to run a series of free programmes and investment to help creators with the proper technical, business and creative skills they need to work in the broadcast and digital media industry, enhance their productivity and boost their content income strategy.

There would be no age preference in the absolutely symbiotic partnership. Every creative person that chooses to participate will give an exclusive opportunity of belonging to a platform that connects millions of people from different fields that project creativity all across the globe.

It will be communeal function of artists of all sorts, writers, digital creators, movie producers and media professionals who are building, sharing and promoting contents to a mostly targeted audience around the world.

Respective Creative partners will be offered a platform to distribute their Afrocentric contents to a wider audience and will also be supported with an opportunity to earn money through our monetization programme. We are an ethical business provider that creates opportunities for the next generation of talents in the creative industry in Africa and Diaspora.

At ForeMedia Creators, we support your passion for creating, innovative, entertaining and inspiring contents.

Interested persons should visit on how to be a partner.

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