The Digital Screen Ad Era:

Leading Solutions to Significantly Boost Your Revenue

"Our second-to- none visually appealing digital display advertising screens offer the very best in high tech video, audio, motion-graphics, and more. This makes your brand stand out & attract the attention of passers-by from the targeted demographic"

Your brand will always win

The ForeMedia Group is the Number 1 Afro-centric Media & Entertainment company in the world. Our state-of-the-art targeting capabilities empower you to reach thriving Black communities, & public places which attract large crowds from this demographic. We know that brands will always win if they can build a mental and physical engagement with their consumers - and therefore we help you deploy top content on our leading Digital Display Screen networks, so that you can target existing & potential new customers on-the-go.

Explore Our Exciting Spectrum of Digital Ad Formats

"A Revolutionary Way of Advertising, Branding & Entertaining. The ForeMedia Group's ground-breaking digital advertising solutions & formats have been proven to increase brand awareness & significantly bump up quarterly profits"

That is why we empower you to use a broad range of ad formats to promote your brand in the most advantageous ways. We provide you with the latest user-friendly tools so that you can create your own, easy to manage, highly unique ads, which will be placed in prime positions on our state-of-the-art outdoor & indoor Digital Screens.

Outstanding Visuals

Brands, companies and agencies across the US and other parts of the world, rely on the ForeMedia Group. So, in order to promote winning, efficient ads, we ensure that your ads are outstanding. One of the aims of our premium quality digital display screens, is to catch the audiences' first eye-sight before they look at others ads.

Video Ads

Our screens show an exciting range of inclusive content including: breaking news, sports, captivating stories, lifestyle tips, celebrity gossip, art, educational info, & short uplifting fun videos. These interesting topics allow you to tap into industry-leading view-ability when passers-by and those in waiting areas etc., are actively watching and enjoying what's showing. This means that your ads are sure to be seen and heard.

Brand Awareness & Visibility: Eye-Catching Exposure

Digital Outdoor Advertising is the only advertising method that allows a display timeline on animated ads. Once audiences catch sight of the moving images, then they will look at the screen, and interact with the particular ad. This is how our eye physiology works! Thus, there is a better exposure than non-animated ads. And if there are multiple billboards (from various media companies) on the same wall for example, at an airport, then you can be rest assured that the ForeMedia Group's digital display screens are always the most innovative eye-catching ones.

Ads By Location: Nationwide Digital Screen Locations

When it comes to the locations we offer the sky's the limit. These incorporate outside and inside: airports, train stations, bus stations, malls, retail parks, sports stadiums, department stores, supermarkets, bus stop shelters, libraries, post offices, hotels, reception areas, government departments, customer service counters, entertainment venues, trade shows, corporate events, office blocks, waiting rooms, lobbies, restaurants and take-away outlets, employee areas and break rooms, elevators, changing rooms, gyms, and other highly trafficked areas which are popular with African Americans and other people of African descent, in areas that are beneficial to you. These could be nationwide, state-wide, or more local.


Custom-Tailored Experiences

If your company is considering ads which are slightly more bespoke, or you feel that you need some professional input and direction, then our award-winning Creative Team are ready and waiting to serve your needs.

Success Story

ForeMedia Ads contributed towards increasing in our sales by 400%