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The ForeMedia Group is the world’s leading Afro-Centric global digital advertising platform. It also runs state-of-the-art network TV stations, pay-per-view TV channels, a global distributor network, & streaming platform.

Create Campaign with Impact

Reach your audience on screens, everywhere you go.

We offer an extensive range of competitively priced cutting-edge services, including a compelling 'one stop' solution for brands, agencies & advertisers. This includes prime location outdoor & indoor Digital Screen Ads which specifically target Black communities & public places which attract large Black crowds.

New Opportunities Attracting the Trillion $ Black Market

For decades and decades, Black consumers have been regularly overlooked by companies that don’t see them as a priority demographic". So, this is why The ForeMedia Group, which is renowned as the leading specialist with the broadest reach in global Afro-centric business, is able to provide an unrivaled service. This will empower businesses and organizations of all sizes, so that they can target African Americans and other people of African descent, and thus take advantage of a relatively untapped market, which is projected to be worth Trillions of Dollars in the near future.

Ads By Location

When it comes to the locations we offer - the sky's the limit. - These incorporate outside and inside: airports, train stations, bus stations, malls, retail parks, sports stadiums, department stores, supermarkets, bus stop shelters, libraries, hotels, reception areas, government departments, customer service counters, entertainment venues, trade shows, corporate events, office blocks, waiting rooms, lobbies, restaurants and take-away outlets, employee areas and break rooms, elevators, changing rooms, gyms, and other highly trafficked areas which are popular with African Americans and other people of African descent, in areas that are beneficial to you. - These could be nationwide, state-wide, or more local.


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Post FREE Content - How it Works

Uploading Content

We have made content uploading super-easy for companies which want to do this themselves, as opposed to instructing our Digital Screen Team to manage this aspect of the process. The former will allow you to change and upload your interactive content and promotional images yourself, 24/7. Our range of digital signage options include: fully networked display solutions, and plug & play signs.

Plug & Play

This provides a super simple and rapid way to update your content using just a basic memory stick. All you have to do is to upload your brand's or company's promotional content, images, animations, or short videos etc., on to a USB memory stick, and place the stick into the flash drive of the digital screen. Once this is done, the content will then go into the memory of the built-in media player and voila!

The Pros of This Service

Bye Bye Ad Fraud – Hello Brand Safety

We utilize the best-in-class, secure, reliable, anti-fraud digital signage advertising software and hardware. - And this is being constantly updated by the ForeMedia Group Tech Team. Furthermore, for your peace of mind, the team's monitoring and management via high tech remote devices, is 24/7/365.

Magnetize Attention

Digital Outdoor Advertising is the only advertising method that allows a display timeline on animated ads. Once audiences catch sight of the moving images, then they will look at the screen, and interact with the particular ad.

Ensuring Your Digital Screen Ads Reach Their Full Potential

If a digital screen advert is not given prime position, then it can never achieve its full potential. In fact: in certain environments, a whopping 33% of digital ads are not seen by consumers. So, ensure that your ads get prime positioning, and make a striking impact, by finding out what we can offer you.

A Winning Digital Signage Strategy

We will devise a winning digital signage strategy for your brand or company. Depending on your objectives and budget, and whether you have a small business or major corporation, our second-to-none service will ensure that you get the most out of your advertising dollars.

Success Story

ForeMedia Ads contributed towards increasing in our sales by 400%