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Ensure that you reach the most immersed Afro-Centric audience in the globe. In a world incurred by relentless pressure, speed and distraction, there's one platform which can ensure that your audience will be completely immersed- the award-winning, ForeTVHub.

Redefine Culture & Social Equality

ForeMedia Group and its subsidiary ForeTVHub, are part of the global cultural wake-up call and have strong philanthropic base which incorporates training and supporting disadvantaged people of colour. This decade is about social resurrection and social equality. - So be part of this creation by targeting African Americans, catering to them, & providing the products & services they want...

Did You Know?

"Black consumers are younger & more brand-aware than other groups. The median age of Black Americans is 34, a decade younger than the median for White Americans. Black consumers are highly digital, & are nearly three times more likely than White Americans to expect the brands they use to align with their values & support social causes"


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