Getting Started: A Price Structure For All Budgets

As number 1 Afro-Centric Entertainment & Media company in the world, we are able to offer a highly competitive pricing structure that covers all budgets - from small one-person companies to big corporations.


Pricing on programmatic

Advertisers working with DSPs can access Spotify inventory through Private Marketplaces (PMPs) or Programmatic Guaranteed (PG) buys. PMPs rely on an auction-based model allowing for dynamic bidding with a set floor price. PG campaigns are set at a fixed-rate, which you can determine with your Spotify representative in advance of a campaign launch.

Self-Service & Customized Options

Upload your ad/s with our user-friendly self-service option. Or, if you're interested in more customized solutions, & benefiting from our winning ad experience, then find out about working directly with our renowned ForeMedia Screen Ads Team.

Understanding the Essentials

Being with the world's leading Afro-centric company, is essential to your success. When you advertise with us, you enter into a win-win scenario, where your marketing dollars can take your brand far and wide, and reap impressive rewards.

Getting Started: Ad Measurement

Our latest state-of-the-art monitoring tools empower your company to cut to the chase, and understand the affects that your ads are having. With us, you can monitor the crucial metrics that are so important to you, 27/7.

Create Still & Video Ads For Winning Outdoor & Indoor Display Screens

It only takes a few steps! Our FREE still ad & video creation services provide you with a range of the latest easy-to-use creative tools, thereby guaranteeing that your ad creation is a positive experience. Then, all you have to do is to drag and drop your Still or Video Ad file.