Skyrocket Your Sales With Black Demographic Targeting

Empowering You To Reach The Trillion $ Afro-centric Consumer Market

The ForeMedia Group is the world's largest Afro-Centric Entertainment & Media company, which is renowned for its drive for global social equality, ethical practices, and supporting and training young disadvantaged Black talents. We know the African- American audience inside out. - Many of us are from African heritage - we understand their needs and desires, and look forward to introducing your brands to this high consumer audience.

Be Part of Our Business Success

One of our winning initiatives to help brands and businesses, is to attract the growing US African-American consumer demographic, which is forecast to be worth trillions of dollars in the near future. One of our strategies to achieve this, is through our outdoor and indoor screen ad service, with which we offer a highly competitive self-service option.

Empowering You With African-American Audience Targeting

Many of our outdoor and indoor screens across the US, offer unique exciting Afro-Centric videos prized by our target audience. - Our best-of-the-best broad spectrum of choices & innovative material is unrivalled, be it News, Sports, Entertainment, Celebrity, Lifestyle Tips, Arts, Educational Info, & more. Our Screen media strategy ensures that your brand message will be delivered at the right time in-between this content. - This means the precise moment when people are relaxed & open to see & hear it!

Tell your brand story

Be a part of the listening experience. Spotify’s logged-in audience enables brands to identify users across...

Deliver a message that resonates

Tailor your messaging to pique listener interest. Historical listening behaviours give you...

Be present in the moment

Deliver messaging that is relevant to the listener experience. Use real-time targeting to deliver...

Explore Our Cutting-Edge Capabilities

When you advertise with us, our dynamic, dedicated, Screen Ad Team, will empower you to reach America's key Afro-Centric audience. - A great audience which is currently worth countless billions of consumer dollars.

Tell your brand story

Let's start with the basics. Through core demographics, you can reach your audience based on who they are.

Predicted interests

Want to take your audience targeting one step further? Leveraging Spotify's Streaming Intelligence, we can help you reach users based on what we predict they're interested in.

Listening behaviors

You can learn a lot about someone by what they listen to. Go beyond demographics by reaching your people through listening behaviors that offer a unique glimpse into your audience's interests.

Deliver a message that resonates

We know you know it, but it's worth repeating: Understanding your [audience's context is crucial]( That's why we give you better options for reaching them compared to other media, no matter how they stay connected.

Off-platform behaviors

Even though we’re ranked #1 for time spent on mobile apps,¹ we recognize listeners have lives beyond Spotify. Reach users based on how they’re behaving off our platform.

Past interactions

You don’t need a degree in behavioural economics to know that the best predictor of future behaviour is often what you do in the past. Reach your people based on how they’ve historically interacted with ads on Spotify.

Understanding the Potential

In 2019, advertisers in the US spent close to 3.5 Billion dollars on digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, including digital billboards. "In 2023, they are projected to spend about 5.2 Billion $. In terms of ad exposure, US consumer exposure to DOOH advertising stood at just under one hour per week & is estimated to grow to about 1.23 hours by 2023". - And this is why you need to ensure that you get the best possible ROI by advertising with the award-winning ForeMedia Group - leaders in the highly lucrative African-American target audience.

Getting Started: Competitive Pricing

We offer an extensive range of competitively priced Screen Ad packages which are designed to fit every budget (from a small business to a large corporation). The ads are targeted towards African-American communities & public places which attract large African-American crowds. Our superior quality state-of-the-art Screens display both still ads, and an exciting range of inclusive video content, including: Breaking News, Sports, Musical Artists, Celebrity Gossip, Lifestyle Tips, Art, & Educational Info.

Getting Started: Ad Measurement

Get FREE easy-to-follow real-time metrics on your dashboard.

Create Screen & Video Ads in a Few Short Steps

Our cutting-edge user-friendly self-service tools empower you to deliver superior results, & make your ad creation a positive experience. Then, all you have to do is to drag & drop your Still Ad or Video Ad.