Small Business Advertising

As McKinsey notes, in the US, there is: "A $300 Billion opportunity serving the emerging Black American consumer"

The ForeMedia Group is the world's No 1 Afro-Centric Entertainment & Media company. - This makes it the only company which boasts the high-level expertise that is needed for small businesses to successfully target the highly lucrative US African-American consumer audience. So, take advantage of this relatively untapped market, which is projected to be worth Trillions of Dollars in the near future, and sign up for our FREE PRESENTATION RIGHT NOW!

Why Ad Studio for small business advertisers?

Spotify Ad Studio, our self-serve ad platform, makes it easy for small-and-medium-sized businesses to create compelling ads that reach the audiences they care about.

Drive Awareness & Skyrocket Your Sales Figures

"Our ads drive audience attention & substantial incremental reach"

Whether you’re launching in a new market, releasing a product for the first time, or offering a seasonal promotion, ForeMedia Group will guarantee that by signing up for our outside and/or indoor screen advertisements, you will possess the ability to capture the attention of your consumers/purchasers, and take on endless new ones.

Explore Great Opportunities

Get An Excellent ROI For Your Ad Spend

We understand small businesses, and this is the reason our outside and indoor screen advertisement campaigns start with just $250. - And, you will find it extremely easy to optimize and control your budget by utilizing our cutting edge self-generated, self-serve tools.

Targeting Options

With regard to demographic targeting of African-American consumers, you can target various different categories. These include: age, gender, and location.

Reach More Consumers Near You

Connect with African-Consumers in your area. Many of them would love to find out more about, and buy your goods and services.

Create Innovative Outdoor & Indoor Screen Ads For FREE

The great news is that with the ForeMedia Group, you don't have to have experience, or pay a creative agency, in order to produce first-class screen ads. You can create FREE, custom-made, professional screen ads for your brand, by just following a few easy steps!

Ad Formats for Small Businesses

Our dynamic award-winning creative ad team have designed the best formats to propel your ads way beyond the competition.

Financial Resources for Small Business Advertisers

Small Business Loans
Get matched to potential lenders offering SBA-backed funding

"Start or expand your business with loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. Use Lender Match to find lenders that offer loans for your business". Note: prior to doing this, look through the criteria checklist.

Get Started Right Now!

It's super easy for brands and companies to get started bringing in more revenue immediately via our ForeMedia TV video ads, and our strategically placed winning outdoor and indoor digital displays. All these popular types of ads have been shown to be extremely successful, and we want you to have a piece of the 300 billion-plus (heading for trillions of dollars) African-American consumer purchasing power.

Create Your Account & Book Your Free Presentation

Ignite change and spark action! Create your account in a couple of minutes, and arrange your free presentation. You can also link you up with our award-winning highly experienced Video & Digital Screen Planning Team, so that you can see what we can do to rapidly rocket up your company's bottom line. A dedicated team member will talk you through your target audience, budgeting, and creativity and performance. - And remember - whatever size company you have, be it large or small, we will give a FREE OF CHARGE mega competitive offer.